finished projects gallery


I have a project going right now but it is far from done (since I mainly sew in 20 min. intervals of stolen time). In the mean time I thought I would post some of my finished stuff. Now the photos are not the best, they were just shots taken to e-mail to grandma, please ignore the bad staging and clutter in the background. Feel free to grab the photos with a link back.


There is no pattern for this hat I just kinda copied a hat we had, the end result looked nothing  like the original. more like a upside-down flower pot, but still cute. The material is a  up-cycled blazer my girlfriend passed down to my sewing scrap pile.










I made matching ties for a wedding, boy 1 chose the Lorax print in bright green. Again no real pattern I watched some tutorials, and copied a grown up tie. What you can’t see is the tie is lined and clasps at the back so you never need tie it. (the plaid shirt was not part of the outfit, he was just trying the tie on)







For these shirts I up-cycled 2 of my old T-shirts into shirts for the boys. The pattern was drafted using the 90 min shirt from Dana of Made. It was my first attempt at a shirt, and took me days not minutes 🙂 I like the was that boy 2’s fit; on boy 1’s shirt I made the armholes too big as the shirt I used to draft the pattern was a baggier style, also the envelope neck line didn’t lie well. I would like to play around more with that style of neck. And yes boy 2 is in the bathroom it was hard to get him to stay still.


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