Super Hoddies – the beginning


Ok so I saw a little boy at my son’s play school with a super cool hoodie. It was a SUPERMAN hoodie complete with utility belt and detachable cape. I asked where she found it and sadly south of the boarder. ( I live in Canada, Vancouver  BC. We are really close to the US boarder but I don’t have a passport yet, its on my to do list for the past 4 years or so… and well….not done yet). Anyway I got to thinking I could make one, I could just buy a kids hoodie and do some quick alterations. Easy right? Wrong! It is nearly impossible to find a plain hoodie without some kind of graphic or store name across the front.  So my first attempt at sewing a hoodie will be to construct one that resembles GREEN LATERN. I’m also making a BATMAN one for the littlest boy here.

I took a trip to the local thrift store and grabbed some large men’s sweat shirts and hoodies to upcycle. Found a really vibrant green and went with old school colours for batman.  I also decided to line the hoodies, the piecing of the fabrics together will create some weird seams that might not be comfortable. I’m not sure how heavy to make the lining, I’m deciding between fleece or flannel (from my stash), that way they will make it threw fall and possibly into winter. Our winter is really rainy and wet, but not too cold.

I started with the GREEN LANTERN because boy 1 was excited and its his turn for something.  Now that I’m done cutting it out I realize I should’ve started with BATMAN as it is a much easier costume, the pieces need less creative drafting.  I had no idea when boy 1 chose GREEN LANTERN that there are a few variations on his costume. For the comic fans out there I’m going with the JUSTICE LEAGE 2012 look as that is the cartoon my boy is obsessing over.

At this point I’m well into the GREEN LANTERN it has been slow going. I found a pattern in my bin for a kids sweat shirt, so I figure no big deal cut the front open and throw in a zipper presto hoodie. There has been a few fit issues along the way and some seams ripped out. I spent a whole sewing session refitting the arms.

stay tuned till net time, for piecing together the GREEN LANTERN, same green time same green channel 🙂


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