Super Hoodies – continuing saga


In this part 2 of the Super Hoodie saga I’ll focus on the drafting of boy 1’s GREEN LANTERN super hoodie. Starting with a sweat shirt pattern, I folded the front piece in half and added a inch or so for the zipper. The front was cut out of green and the back out of black. I found the pattern (NEWLOOK 6475 view 1)  in my stash of patterns and had never used it before. Once the back was cut out I realized that it was a bit of an odd pattern. The sleeves are large diamond-ish shapes that form the shoulders. I don’t really like the way it has been going together, the fit is kinda 1984 in a not cool retro way. Its too bad I noticed after cutting, I took some time to see if any thing could be easily flexed … nope. And being made out of up-cycled material made it impossible to re-cut. Oh well life is lived on the learning curve, right?

Our GREEN LANTERN costume of inspiration can be see in this post.  The side diamonds were free handed, the shapes were drafted on paper first, then once I thought it looked mostly right, cut it out of the black fabric. The sleeves were trickier, using the middle of the pattern piece as a guide I guesstimated the shape of the shoulder cap.  I then over layered the green cap on the black fabric and cut the remainder of the sleeve.

With the flat seams of yoga pants in mind, I stitched the pieces together. Once joined I clipped off the extra. It was at this point that I was sure a lining was a must. For two reasons to make it comfortable and extend the wearability beyond one season, and because boy 1 cannot stand a tag touching him these seams would make him freak right out !

The lining was taking strait from the fabric stash. One part plush kinda terry cloth jammie/ house coat thingy from nursing days gone by, and one part purple micro fleece. I adjusted the arm seam a little so the lining arms would be a tad narrower, but otherwise made it the same. The hood is pre-made from the original black hoodie (yay up-cycling and the short cuts you provide!) By laying the garment carcass on boy 1 I could figure out the new hood size. It was around this point too that I tried it on the boy for sizing, remember how I said the pattern fit in a 1980’s kinda way? Well I ended up ripping out the side seams and re-sewing them with a larger seam allowance so the bagginess of the garment didn’t swallow my long and lean little guy.

It was at this point that I stopped for a few days as I thought about how to join the lining to the outer jacket without having all kinds of ugly bulky seams. I combed threw our closets looking at our jackets and came up with an idea. I could hide the lining under the zipper when i do the top stitching. That required the ripping out of a seam since the zipper had already been attached and one side top stitched, I also realized the GREEN LANTERN logo should also go on before the lining to make the applique go smoother. The rest of the lining seams could be hidden around the neck line on the hood seam and along the cuffs. It is quite an amateur  job so I wont go into the details of it. what counts is that when I tried it on boy 1 for a last fitting he said, “its so cozy and warm! this hoodie is awesome!”

stay tuned for the next post same bat time same bat channel, where I’ll go over how the logo was drafted and applied


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