I am interrupting my regular scheduled programming (about super hero hoodies) to bring you a whole bunch of posts about KCWC !

It has begun the web is all a flutter with creativity. I was so inspired tonight reading the updates on the flicker feed over at elsie marley’s blog. It is almost intimidating…ok it is kinda intimidating to see the long lists and beautiful finished projects, BUT way more INSPIRING.  I haven’t done any actual sewing yet. Last night after work (I work part time evening.) I stayed up brainstorming and finalizing designs and cutting fabric, for the boys long sleeved tee’s. It was past midnight so it counts for my oct 8 day one hour (yes this post is also an after work post, the wee hours are so quiet and distraction free.) I didn’t sew in the day, as up here in Canada it was thanksgiving weekend so the time I was not at work we spent on an  awesome family outing.

any ways here is my list for KCWC

  • finish last 3 seams on the GREEN LANTERN super hoodie and add detachable cape
  •  new pants for boy 1 out of yummy brown sweat shirt material using pants pattern by Dana of Made
  •  up- cycled miss matched matching long sleeved tees using flash back skinny tee pattern by Rae of Made By Rae
  • start BATMAN super hoodie for boy 2

Really excited about the 2 matching miss-matched shirts, by some unknown miracle I have a  blue and green striped shirt, plus a blue tank top and a green t-shirt that exactly match the stripping! All in my up-cycle stash all gifted to me by different lovely friends. i may eb=ven start the shirts before finishing the hoodie, that’s how excited I am.





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