Hi, welcome to Pins and Needles. I’m Jodi the creative force behind all this. I live in Vancouver Canada, so if you want just picture me sewing in an igloo with my pet moose roaming near by 🙂 I have 3 kids, a lovely teenage girl and two little boys 4 and 2. I mainly sew for the boys but occasionally I make something for myself

I have no real training on how to sew, except basic Home Ec. in high school, and that was like 100 yrs ago so it doesn’t count. Up until a few years ago I was using a hand me down machine from one of my Aunts, mainly for small projects like pillow covers and Halloween costumes.Now most of the women in my family sew, or have at some point in their life. From Grandma making her old dresses into quilts to my Auntie making my cousin and me our wedding dresses (and bridesmaid dresses too, she is a great seamstress.) So I naturally think about how I could make something rather than buy it. Baby #3 was on the way and i wanted to try sewing some cloth diapers to expand my stash.  The old machine was finicky and weighed more than me, it was time to upgrade. The new machine got me all inspired to become a better seamstress, and take on projects my kids and I could wear. My occasional hobbie has grown into a passion over these last few years.

The online community has inspired me and taught me so much. And its time for me to add my little voice to it all. I want to share my learning to sew journey, and show case what I create. I hope to bring some inspiration to all you people out there. You’ll notice as you read through that a lot of my fabric sources are discarded T-shirts from my friends. I love love love up-cycling!  Most of my projects are for boys, I try to spice things up with applique and fabric paint. I do hope to add a bit of canuck flair, and when I find a good canadian source for something I’ll share it for all my fellow canadians (and  if you know a great source please share it too.)



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