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Stripes for Momma


I recently bought some fabric from Sundrop Textiles a really neat fabric store and sewing studio here in the lower mainland, they specialize in active wear fabric. The cloths in their window always inspire me. And I found some time to make something for me, using a striped fashion knit. The pattern was copied from a brand name shirt of my daughters, with a few modifications. The idea is a to have the shirt kind of drape a bit with the bat wing style arms.

I like the way this garment drapes, its very comfortable because of the stretch and silky texture of the fabric. I gathered the bottom and added the extra wide waist band so it could be worn lower on the hips or up and bloused.

It was sewn using a ball point needle and a zig zag stitch, and still some of the stitches skipped. On the cuffs and neckline I reinforced the sewing with a second seam.

It was a bit tricky to get good snapshots of the shirt, so I took a few to show the bat wingness and the over all look.