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Super hoodies – epic conclusion


Wow what a great week last week. KCWC totally inspired me! I also completed more garments than I thought possible in one week. The key for me is the prep work, as soon as I had stitched up the pre-cut cloths I slowed down. The ideas were rolling around in my head faster than I could get them out. The great part about that is that I have tones of inspiration and ideas to work on.

So now back to our previously scheduled program Super Hoodies…When I left off this series I had just sewn together the major parts and was ready for the trickier stuff like linings, zippers and appliqued logo.

The funnest part of the project was making the GREEN LANTERN logo. Using household Tupperware for circles, I drafted the logo’s template. Then retraced it so it could be cut apart and used for a pattern. Using corresponding T-shirt material I cut out the logo. Although the symbol is quite simple I wanted it to be done right so that it was recognizable.

I’m not sure what would be a best method for applique on a zippered garment. Adding the logo before the zipper would go smoother; but then you risk the two sides not lining up…. I had already ripped out the zipper’s top stitching during my fight with the lining. So I didn’t feel like re-doing the whole zipper. Since my zipper was on I could choose my placement and checked the the alignment.  It was still a bit tricky working around the zipper edge. Good thing I was able to hide my mistakes when I top stitched the zipper.

Applique with knits can be tricky. There are probably way better methods than mine, which is just slap it on. In hind sight, the best thing to do would have been to use fusible interfacing.  Stick the two pieces together, sew them; and then using more fusible interfacing tac the logo in place to reduce warping. My lack of patients prevented that.







I just used a 0.5 length zigzag with the widest width available on my machine. Taking it slowly to reduce warping, and tucking in the stretchy bumps as I went.  Once the logo was stitched on, I tucked the lining under the zipper edge and top stitched the zipper and lining in place. Sounds strait forward enough right? I fought with it the whole time. I have never lined a sweater before so the learning curve was quite steep. thinking I may need to do some more research before starting the BATMAN hoodie for my littlest

Overall I’m really pleased with the hoodie as a whole. It does look home made but according to the teen its home made good, not home made in bad way lol she is my toughest critic. It has even survived the washing machine despite the awful lining job. Most importantly my boy loves it. and chooses to wear it a lot.