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trucks in my pocket


I’ve been feeling the love for pockets lately, especially as a detail for the little men. So I decided to try my hand at adding some pockets to pants. There was some great yellow cotton with trucks on it in the fabric stash, and some heavy up-cycled curtain material. I’ve used the curtains before, and love the weight of the fabric it is similar to denim.

I wanted the pants to look kinda like a jean, with some double stitching details and hip pockets. Since I am a novice sewer, I have never done this kind of pocket before, with the help of google I found this great tutorial for all my pocket needs. No really, it covers everything !! more than 15 pocket styles !! thank-you so much LiEr from ikatbag.com, !! There has got to be a way to incorporate that cute gathered patch pocket into boys cloths. Could become a mission here at pins and needles.

Any way the pattern is the basic kid pants by Dana of Made.  With some modifications, the addition of front pockets of coarse, plus my attempt at a mock fly. Which is just a overlapped waistband with a working snap on the front. I modded the waistband to make it adjustable, by putting in the button holes and elastic that is found in so many kids pants these days. Lastly I decided that a cute pocket detail deserved a matching inside roll. That way the pants could be made long and have some grow into room

So I thought long and hard about how to do the cuff thingy so no seams showed. Even thought about hand sewing a hem *gasp to hide the outside stitching on the leg. Instead I decided it didn’t matter and used thread that matched the pant leg. I was so worried about the outside and bottom seams that I lost sight of the side seams. After everything was sewn up and almost done I noticed that the side seams on the inside roll up cuff were all raw and ugly. Solution trim them short and semi serge them, using a close zig-zag stitch and this crazy handy little foot that came with my machine called a over-edge foot (sadly no serger here at the house of pins.)

The back pockets were just drafted up by me. A basic patch pocket with that cute yellow truck detailing. I used my bias tape maker gizmo on a strip of the truck fabric. I really love the way they turned out.

The best part is little boy 1 loves his new pants, they have trucks in the pocket ! He approves so much that all the photos were taken as he jumped on the couch.