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wonder woman costume


I was hoping I could get this post out before Halloween or on the day at the latest. Nope … I’m late ūüė¶¬† there were times this week that I wasn’t sure if the costume would get finished. But it did very late at night on oct 30.

You all know my boys are super hero obsessed, so naturally they are dressing up a their, favorites. Usually  I go as a witch or other classic  spookiness, but this year we are all going to be super heroes. And I will be Wonder Woman !

The fabric is this awesome sparkly lycra with 4 way stretch. It is actually nice to sew with, it only looks intimidating. I used a ball point needle,¬† a¬† zig-zag stitch set at L=2.5 W=2 and eased up on the tension by 0.5.¬† The design is a mix of old school and new school DC comic designs. I went with the new school long pants costume since we live in Canada brrr, time permitting the little jacket may get made. The top keeps the old school logo with the W’s, there was no way I could do the bird. I’m still up in the air about the belt if it will be a diamond or a v type design.

The pattern was drafted off my own leggings and a tank bra. The bottoms came together so fast I started wondering why I buy leggings. The fit on the top was tricky though. The top had to be remade and sized down, due to the extreme stretch of the fabric. The back close was originally going to be hooks and eyes like on a bra. What a mess the back got all bunchie so I ended up putting a zipper in.

The logo was drafted by tracing the top of the bodice, and superimposing wonder woman W’s over it. Now the red and blue fabrics were the yummy lycra, the gold was a nightmare! It was a metallic sheen type fabric with only one way stretch, it kinda lost its shape if stretched too far. My machine thought it was yummy and kept eating it. Ugg that stuff slowed the whole project down. When I finally finished the gold W emblem I almost hated the whole thing.

In desperation I used iron on interfacing for the head band and belt diamond. It gave the fabric some stability making it much easier to work with. It was just a bonus that the head band and belt gained some stability.

The boot covers are two separate pieces. A leg piece and a little bootie that I slipped over a ballet flat. There are no pictures as it was all done on the fly late at night. Which is also why the mirror was not cleaned before my self portraits, lots of little smudges in these photos.

Time was so tight I cut some corners.  One of the great things about halloween sewing is that it only has to last one day. Plus lots can be hidden in the dark of night like slightly miss alined zippers and raw hems. I need to say a great big thank-you to my lovely daughter who chipped in and ripped out the waist seam for me on, so it could be re-sewn snug enough to keep my pants up. Her company also made the evning so much more enjoyable. Thanks kiddo!