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Secret sewing


I have been sewing away and working on a few projects. However the one I have on the go right now is a Christmas gift. So I’m sewing insecret.


Quick KCWC Update


Well I’ve been just sewing away and having a great time. Yesterday brought a new pair of pants for boy 1 as well as the finishing of his super hero hoodie (I’ll do a full post on that next week.) Feeling as though I’ve really hit my stride. And can hardly believe how much a girl can get done in only one week !! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post some photos today.

Over the next 3 days I plan to get out a second pair of pants for boy 1, plus one pair for boy 2. The design idea is to mismatch them again. The inspiration started forming last night while flipping through the flikr pool.

And it just has got to be said, that there are some truly adorable and beautifully sewn kids cloths being created this week.